Introducing: Connect's Help Center!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Help Center. We've worked collaboratively to compile as much helpful information into a friendly, comprehensive layout that is geared towards helping you get the answers you need. 

Help Center is divided into the following categories:

Getting Started

Using Connect

Contact Us


Articles within those categories cover topics like how to "Link A People Source", how to share your "Real-time Location" and what to do if you're "Having Trouble Using Connect On My iOS Device". As Connect grows and changes, Help Center will get updated accordingly so you'll never have to worry about reading outdated information.

We want to support you by providing the most accurate, helpful and dependable information possible. We want to educate you about our product, get you excited about why we're here and have you share all of that with the people you love.

Help Center is accessible directly through the link above, or through our main site ( ) on your web browser. If you're on a mobile device, you can get help by tapping Account Settings > About Connect > FAQ from the Connect mobile app. You can also use the search feature to find exactly what you're looking for or browse through the articles to learn more about Connect. If you're still having trouble and can't find what you need, click on the 'Submit a request' link at any time to fill out a support form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Facebook 2.0 Announcement with more friends!

You may have heard that Facebook recently made some changes to its API (a fancy word for the way applications like Connect can display data about your Facebook friends). As of this month, Facebook no longer allows you to share your list of friends with other apps. That means that Connect can show you the names, faces, home cities and recent posts of Facebook friends who also use Connect - but not of friends who aren't yet Connect users.

What's great about this?

Well, for one thing, we saw it coming :)

From the beginning we set out to create a simple product experience that puts all your digital contacts together on a map and helps you see more of the people you care about. We created Connect to help you see more of your friends, family and colleagues wherever they are - and wherever you go.

Connect already maps your friends from Facebook, Foursquare, Gmail, LinkedIn, and your phone. As of today we've launched the ability to keep up with activity from friends on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Now you can keep up with the real-world adventures of your friends no matter which social media platform they use!

Will there be an update to the Connect app?

Yep, and it's already ready for you. Just download our newest version on iOS or Android, and tap all the icons on the left panel to fill your map with friends. 


And psssst! For any Facebook friends you want to see more of in real life, be sure to invite them to Connect so you never miss a chance to get together!

Note: If you linked your Facebook account prior to May 1st, you'll still be able to see the home cities of your friends, but their info won't continue to update until they join Connect. 

New Office, New Chapter: An Ode to Starship

After a nice long run at our first office, The Starship, in the Castro Hills, Connect has finally outgrown its mothership. This week we embark on more adventures in our brand new spot in the heart of San Francisco.

Will we yearn for the dozen sets of stairs it takes to find peace on the rooftop deck? Probably not. Will we miss the burning sensation in our legs as we climb up the enormous hill to Starship's front door? Doubtful. Will the memories of Connect's beginnings here start to fade as we grow into our new home? Absolutely not. The walls of Starship will forever hold the echoes and whispers of Connect's creation, filled with excitement and innovation. What was accomplished here will roam through the empty halls and rooms, long after the last box is packed into the moving truck, like ghosts of greatness. What lies ahead has yet to be written but is already proving to be more monumental than what rests behind.

Jared collaborating with Dana, Erica and Allen. Meanwhile our Head of Security, Miko, stands guard.

All poeticism aside, change is good and this is going to be super awesome. We're bursting at the seams (figuratively and literally) and pumped to start a new chapter here at Connect. Of course we'll miss sitting down at our desks that also happen to be next to our indoor pool.

B-Starr workin' poolside.

Some of us will miss the quiet location and serenity, way up on a hill away from street noise and traffic.

Steve taking in the view.

Thankfully Starship is staying in the family, so we expect to come visit for happy hours or maybe some group dinners down the road. Huge shout out to a great space that fostered such creativity, of no small magnitude. Thanks for having us, and we'll look forward to visiting soon!

Whit and Matt waiting outside of a meeting room.

Top 10 Reasons to Intern at Connect

At the end of 2014, I found myself with another year of college under my belt, ready for a well-deserved break from academic life. In an effort to avoid another frigid New England winter, I shipped off to California for an (unpaid) internship in Venture Capital. Naively assuming I wouldn’t need to get a part-time job, after a few weeks my deflated bank account had me emailing friends and family looking for any opportunities to make a buck. Taking advantage of the illustrious college alumni network, I was introduced to Caen Contee, COO of Connect, and given the chance to work at one of the coolest tech startups in the Bay Area. The rest, as they say, is history. Below are the Top 10 Reasons every college kid should apply for an internship at Connect.

1. Family. Yeah, I know, tons of companies have welcoming communities, but I’ve never worked for a startup that actually felt like a family in every sense of the word. Loving, hilarious, at times chaotic, but ultimately committed to supporting everyone unconditionally.

2. Joking around in "Ground Control". Officially, my internship fell under the auspices of marketing, which is housed (along with design, analytics, and operations) in what we call Ground Control. It’s a bright open space with music playing, employees shooting off emails, a pool and hottub (see #3) in the background, and constant jokes flying. I honestly looked forward to every day I had at the office.

3. Hot Tub Happy Hours. We have a hot tub. Things can get crazy. 

4. Work that matters. Connect’s mission is something that really strikes a chord with me personally. I get distracted by technology too often and sometimes fail to spend time with the people in my life that actually make it great. Working at Connect frequently reminds me of what’s truly important: your relationships.

5. Learning/Mentorship. Part of that family dynamic among the Connect team is a feeling that your co-workers not only support each other, but actively participate in the professional and personal growth of one another. Whether it was the company-sponsored workshops or working one-on-one with startup veterans, I’ve learned more from working at Connect over three months than I have at any other company over the past six years.

6. Surrounded by Excellence. To put it simply, you’re going to learn a lot because the people you work with are total BAWSES. Ex-Googlers, Ex-Facebookers, Ex-Airbnb’ers… the people here have been around the block and aren’t messing around. Except when they’re messing around. Learn from the best, become the best.

7. Working in San Francisco. Starship, our house office, is in the heart of San Francisco. Having grown up just south in Santa Cruz, CA, I always visited SF but could never stay long enough to soak up all the city has to offer. Three months definitely aren’t enough to do that, but they are a good start.

8. Being the youngest. I’ve taken a less than “traditional” route through college. So, at the ripe age of 24 (with two years left), I’m always used to being “that old guy” taking intro classes. Not the case at Connect! By a divine 9 months, I am now the youngest and freshest EVERY DAY! Mortality is a thing, people. Can’t stop, won’t stop baby!

9. Perks. This one is overplayed, but it’s definitely nice having healthy food available whenever you want it.

10. Can’t beat that view. Enough said.

While my internship has come to an end, the relationship I’ve built with Connect team is forever. From late night dinners and long talks on the office roof to LAUNCH Festival and hitting three million users, I’ve never felt I could gain so much from a company in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Connect, for this incredible opportunity. Now, it’s back to term papers, 20-minute power naps, and the constant countdown to graduation.

With Love,

Noah “The Intern” Bond

Find your people at SXSW 2015

We Connectors are big SXSW people. We've been attending for years and couldn't be happier with its huge success. But as the festival has gotten larger, we've found it increasingly difficult to see who's around and find friends at the festival. We've had this problem at almost all of our big events and finally did something about it. That something is Connect 2.0.

Last week, at LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, we unveiled Connect 2.0 for 11,000 people, introducing groups, chats and real-time location sharing on iOS and Android. We've also created special time-sensitive geo-fences around important places for events, like downtown Austin for SXSW 2015. If you're at SXSW this year make sure you check-in on Connect when you're near the action and see who from your networks is around. Don't forget to look for us too :)


LAUNCH Festival 2015: Recap

After three action-packed days at LAUNCH Festival, our favorite aspect has been getting to interact directly with our users. So many cool people have given us feedback and praise for Connect 2.0. We feel energized by the knowledge that our app is allowing people not just around the world, but in our own backyard, to Connect with their friends using a product we’ve worked so hard on.

Jason Calacanis and the team at LAUNCH put on a great show this year. Not only was there plenty of space at the Fort Mason Center for impromptu dance parties, but it allowed for over 11,000 people to participate and check out dozens of cool startups.

It seemed like all the biggest names in technology were present, which speaks volumes about Launch and the quality of the startups involved.  There were too many great speakers to list, but some of our favorites included Marc Benioff, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Joanne Wilson of Gotham Gal Ventures, and tech giant Chamath Palihapitiya.

The Festival wrapped up yesterday with mobile-payments startup Abra taking home the top prize. Our CEO Ryan Allis got on stage to congratulate the winners and give them some advice moving forward. If Connect’s journey following last year’s LAUNCH Festival is any indication, Abra is about to experience an insanely awesome 2015!

Thanks for the good times LAUNCH Festival! See you next year!

LAUNCH Festival 2015: Part Two

LAUNCH Festival continued today at the historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Some highlights of days two and three include our Co-Founder Anima Sarah LaVoy onstage discussing the ideology behind Connect, and Marc Benioff giving an impassioned speech on how businesses that try to make the world better in turn become better themselves.

After getting the chance to interact with our users and gain some great feedback on Connect 2.0, we headed over to The Interval at Long Now for a Connect VIP party. Great cocktails, an awesome space, and cool people is our kind of party ;)

LAUNCH Festival is just now wrapping up and the judges are backstage debating which startup will be the winner of the competition. We’ve been blown away by the quality of the teams that have presented over the past couple days. We’re happy we could give back as a sponsor and wish all of this years startups good luck moving forward!

Stay tuned for one last Connect recap of LAUNCH 2015 where we’ll bring you our favorite and final of photos and video from this week.

LAUNCH Festival 2015: Part One

This week has already been exciting for us at Connect, having launched live on stage yesterday during the first day of the 2015 Launch Festival. We are thrilled with all of the feedback we've received about the 2.0 update, and are having a blast here at LAUNCH Fest 2015 and couldn’t be happier to return as sponsors following our win at last year’s competition.

Ryan Allis, our CEO, announced the release of Connect 2.0--the same intuitive map interface that let’s you visualize and search through your contacts, but now with innovative messaging and group chats to help users communicate with friends far away and catalyze physical interaction with those nearby.

After seeing some great speakers (Tony Hawk anyone?!) and demonstrations on stage from 15 new startups, the Connect Team celebrated at the official Connect Launch Party on Monday night with friends and VIP pass holders.

Launch Fest attendees also got a chance to hear Connect’s Chief Product Officer, Anima Sarah LaVoy, onstage to discuss why we need to get our relationships offline and back in person.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.50.47 PM.png

We’ve seen some awesome startups over the past two days and we can’t wait to see what’s up next! Stay tuned for more updates on Launch Festival and try out Connect 2.0, live in the App Store and on Google Play.

Introducing Connect 2.0

The Connect we shipped in late 2012 was a simple web app that showed your Facebook friends on a map. We helped you see all of your people in one place on a map of the world.

The Connect we launched in early 2014 brought the best of our web app and more to iOS, including push and email notifications that told you when, where, and for how long friends were nearby.

This morning, a year after winning ‘Best Overall’ at LAUNCH Festival in 2014, we’re excited to be back on that same global startup stage and reveal Connect 2.0, with chats, groups, location sharing, and for the first time…available on Android.

This is our second bold stroke on a large vision: to bring social back.

Over the last 12 months, Connect has evolved into a robust, global communication tool. 3 million people worldwide use it to see more of their friends in real life.

When LAUNCH attendees first opened Connect last year, they were delighted to see all their friends from around the world on one map.

When attendees open the app this morning, they’ll not only see the new chats and groups features, but an updated ‘People’ tab. From one scrolling list of people nearby, they’ll see who they know at the festival, who is around and visiting from out-of-town, and who lives right here in San Francisco. With chats and groups they can reach out to them with a simple swipe from that same list. This is a sneak-peek of more to come.

Connect is a relationships company first and foremost. Messaging and groups enable our users to ‘keep close’ when they can’t meet in the real world, and coordinate when they can. It not only empowers our purpose, it enables an ecosystem. Built on three pillars - people, location, and communication - Connect’s ecosystem helps people deepen and maintain their relationships over a lifetime.

We don't mean to misquote Aristotle, but to misquote Aristotle...

There is no friendship without proximity.

If that's true, what do you do when the people you care about live all over the world, are constantly on the move, and, like you, are shorter on time than ever? And how do you use that precious time when paths coincide to grow friendships that really last a lifetime?

Connect is working on these problems. They’re big ones, we’ve lots to learn, and, luckily, we’ve just begun.